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Why student-centered education is needed?

College admission test or better score is not a main reason to learn from school.

Current education system provides monotonous lectures for students to prepare college admission test driven by school and private institutes. It is not about quality or fair chance of learning, but more about teaching the skills of "how to get better score." 

However, we know that all students learn differently and that a one-size-fits-all approach is simply ineffective.

​With the mission of student-centered learning, The Keii Platform is changing education for everyone by leaving those boring lectures and monotone voices behind and enter the new era of cool learning.

Student-centered Leaning Method - Peer teaching

 If you're able to accurately and correctly teach a subject to others, you'll have a very good mastery of the concepts, and superior retention and recall. According to the Learning Pyramid model, students are able to retain about 90% of what they're able to teach to others.

Learning pyramid suggests that peer teaching is 16 times effective than passive leaning method.


We offer a full packaged solution of education contents, consulting and edtech. 

New service and solution for new generation!



A community where anyone can watch, make, upload and share his/her own math videos



Mobile tutor for everyone

​1:1 video tutoring solution


VR Platform

VR Creator Studio for educator

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Our Math Playground 

through Peer Teaching

Watch, Make and Share!

Enjoy everyday math video and mission for you!

You can make your video for your own or for your friends.

Math will be fun by sharing, teaching and learning together with your friends.

At your fingertips!

You can learn from any device at your convenience!

You are the one who manage your study plan.


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“Educational solutions we math, opens up new horizons in Math"

“The KEII Platform won Excellence award, in Incheon Center for Creative Economy & Innovation"

“New trend, social network is paved its way in learning”


Meet the Team


Wook Lee


Expert in 20 years education

hands-on experience

Jee Kim


18 years of solution and training system planning, sales, overseas business


Jin Chang

Head of Contents

Expert in Teaching & Coaching,

Development of New type of learning contents

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