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Why student-centered education is needed?

The essence of "education" cannot be to teach the skills of "entrance examination". 

Current education system provides monotonous lectures for students to prepare college admission test driven by school and private institutes. It is not about quality or fair chance of learning, but more about teaching the skills of "how to get better score." 

However, we know that all students learn differently and that a one-size-fits-all approach is simply ineffective.

​With the mission of student-centered learning, The Keii Platform is changing education for everyone by leaving those boring lectures and monotone voices behind and enter the new era of cool learning.

Student-centered Leaning Method - Peer teaching

The passive learning methodology centered on the supplier

The shift to a consumer-centered active learning methodology is Required.  

Peer Teaching

what you learned  through the process of teaching and learning together

Up to 16 times the learning effect can be achieved.


EdTech-based education content and service integration Hybrid Learning is provided. 

New service and solution for new generation!


<Mastery learning apps>

Math video learning,

watch, making, share

Math videocommunity

(Self-directed learning)


<Premium learning space>

From study habits to scores

Hybrid Learning Platform

Wi Study Center

(Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam)

we platform_1.png

<Hybrid learning platform>

Convergence solution (question bank, learning apps,

e-learning) and study center-based Learner Personalized Services & Solutions

Comming soon>
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Our Math Playground 

through Peer Teaching

Watch, Make and Share!

Every day, fun math videos that fit our eye level

Take the mission.

Make your own videos and learn on your own,

Maybe you can help my friend.

Sharing your own videos with your peers and having fun teaching and learning each other makes math easier and more fun.

At your fingertips!

You can learn from any device at your convenience!

You are the one who manage your study plan.


The KEII Platform in the Press

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Incheon Center for Creative Economy and Innovation, Startup Pathfinder,

The KEII Platform Excellence Award

2021 K-Global

  Y Pump-Up 4th Batch

Final selection for accelerating program

Accelerating global expansion​


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Wook Lee


Expert in 20 years education

hands-on experience

COO_Jee Kim.png

Jee Kim


18 years of solution and training system planning, sales, overseas business


Kate Jung

Expert in Teaching & Coaching,

Development of New type of learning contents

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